Reclaim Your Self-Worth Audio Download

In this 15 minute audio recording, you will get more comfortable with the positive aspects of your character and reclaim your self-worth so you can feel confident, use your voice, stand up for yourself.


We all have that annoying voice in our head, does your inner wench support you or tear you down?

Self-critical thoughts can increase the risk of depression and anxiety. On top of being a major health hazard to your mental wellbeing they also weaken your immune system and self esteem/confidence which is detrimental for both physical as well as emotional wellness.

And if we're honest with ourselves, women tend not just one but two 'chronic' voices--the critical voice inside AND outside their heads--which make it even more difficult to feel better about yourself when comparing yourself against others' successes (even without any intention).

Luckily there's hope: these negative thoughts are pliable! You CAN learn how to reframe them so you can reclaim your sense of self-worth.



Its time to get personal and be honest with yourself.
The PDF is a blank canvas for your thoughts, work through anything that comes up for you by getting into depth about what part of you is holding back from reclaiming your self-worth

Video Series

You will automatically receive a 3 part video series covering topics like understanding trauma and the nervous system, self care resources that actually work with your body's needs, as well as an introspective practice for cultivating love.


The community can be a very supportive environment. When you are part of it, there is more to learn and understand. It's no secret that the information we have here will help your growth exponentially! Come join us for our Feel Good Friday Free coaching sessions today!

Contessa Akin is a Self-Worth Coach, Abuse Survivor Firewalking Instructor and Author. She is certified through Anthony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention as a coach, Fire-walking Instructor through The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, an NLP Coach with NLP Learning Systems, and a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach through VITA Coaching.

Despite her experiences, she has taken life by the horns and lives a purposeful life. Due to her background and traumatic past, Contessa loves working with women who have experienced trauma.

Besides work, Contessa is a wife to a Dallas Police Officer and a mother of two beautiful children whom she homeschools. She lives a life that is free, beautiful, with courage and knowledge of her true self-worth. 


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